ftwilliam.com General User Guide

PLEASE NOTE: this is intended to be a general guide to introduce you to the ftwilliam.com software features and structure. More detail is often provided at ftwilliam.com. At the top of every page after entering the software you should find a link to 'Help' (where you will find the applicable user guide) and a link to contact 'support' (via email). You can also call us during regular business hours at (800) 596-0714 (we are located in the Central Time Zone). This number can also be found at the bottom of every page in your account.


Logging In. Top

You will need the company code, login name and password you received when you signed up for the ftwilliam.com system.

General ftwilliam.com website features available after log-in:

Select Company. Top

After log-in, you will be taken to the "Select Company" page where you can Add Company / Select Company / Delete Company. First time ftwilliam.com users will need to add a company to get started.

In addition, the 'Select Company' page includes 'Quick links' to many batch features, links to all our recent technical updates, recent email announcements, a link to our 'Upload Center' (contact support for more information if you are interested in the Upload features), and User Guides.

Select Plan. Top

After selecting a Company, you will be taken to the "Select Plan" page. On this page, you can also update the Company name and basic Company information. Be sure to click 'Update' to save your changes. Note that each item includes a help button you can click on ('??') for more information about the item. First time ftwilliam.com users may need to add a plan to get started.

Edit/Print Menu -- Go to Documents/IRS Forms/5500 forms/1099s/Admin/Portal. Top

After selecting a Plan, you will be taken to the "Edit/Print Menu" page for that plan. Some features available on this page are discussed below. Note that some features will depend upon your subscription with ftwilliam.com.