ftwilliam.com DB Compliance Conversion Guide

This guide is intended to give a quick overview of how to convert your plans in DB Compliance. The conversion process is typically used when you are able to download/export participant data, such as eligibility entry dates and completed years of service, from the previously used administration system into spreadsheet format to be uploaded into ftwilliam.com. If you would prefer the ftwilliam.com DB Compliance system calculate eligibility dates and service instead of uploading this data, use the non-conversion process instead. If you have additional questions, please contact support by clicking the drop-down box in the upper right corner of the software that displays your username, select the Contact Support option, complete the form and press the send button.

Here is the suggested order of conversion tasks for the DB Compliance Module.

Step 1: Log-in and Access DB Compliance

  • Create company/plan or select company/plan.
  • Navigate to Compliance.

Step 2: Add Conversion Year

  • Add the conversion plan year end, which year is the year before the first year you wish to process on ftw. If it is a takeover plan the conversion year may be the year before the year you want to replicate on ftw and compare to the prior system’s results.

Step 3: Complete Specifications

  • Review and complete both the Plan Specifications and Actuarial Methods & Assumption sections.
  • If you use the ftwilliam.com Plan Document module, some of the specifications will automatically copy from the plan document in ftwilliam.com to the DB Compliance module. A review should still be done as there will be some questions that do not come from the plan document or do not map yet.
  • If you do not use the ftwilliam.com Plan Document software, you will need to manually complete these sections in the first year in the system. Subsequent years will copy the specs forward.

Step 4: Add Census Data

  • Set the Primary Census grid to the * ftw Standard DB Conversion (ID: 5a65f19)
    • The grid manager is located in the vertical ellipses button.
    • Select the * ftw Standard DB Conversion (ID: 5a65f19) grid in the Primary Census field.
    • Press the update button.
  • Manually add one participant at a time by pressing the + button, or
  • Upload census data
    • Export the * ftw Standard DB Conversion (ID: 5a65f19) grid.
    • Copy and paste the census data from your source into the correct columns into that file.
    • You may have to change the data in some fields to match what is expected in ftw, e.g.
      • Date fields to MM/DD/YYYY
      • Yes/No fields in ftw
      • Remove formatting in number fields – no dollar signs or commas
    • Save the file as .csv and upload.

Step 5: Upload Historical Data

  • Location of feature: Module Options --> Tools/Settings --> History Uploads
  • Service and DB Compensation history files can be downloaded to your desktop to copy and paste data into and then uploaded through with this tool.
  • Only include years prior to the current plan year.

Step 6: Scrub/Eligibility

  • Review parameters by pressing on the Scrub/Eligibility task bar.
    •  Set overrides if needed.
    • Certain overrides will be set for you in the first year of the system when the scrub is run.
  • Run Scrub/Eligibility
  • Review reports and confirm results are as you expect them to be.
    • Eligibility Status Report
    • HCE/Key Determination Report
  • You do not need to run the other tasks for this Conversion year.

Step 7: Add New Plan Year End

Step 8: Add Census Data

  • Set the Primary Census grid to * ftw Primary DB Census Collection (ID: abdc704)
    • Select the grid manager option located in the vertical ellipses button.
    • Select the * ftw Primary DB Census Collection (ID: abdc704) grid in the Primary Census field.
    • Press the update button.
  • Use * ftw Primary DB Census Collection (ID: abdc704) to upload data.
  • If you are going to do combo plan testing, use * ftw DB Proposal or Combo Allocations Grid (ID: f034afa) to upload the DC plan contributions, noting that you need to upload all sources, or you can leave off PS if you are going to calculate PS within the DB Compliance Module (other sources cannot be calculated). You can add this grid below the primary census grid in the grid manager. Do not set this grid to be your primary census grid.

Step 9: Ready to process!

Review the DB Compliance Quick Start Guide for an overview of processing steps.